"The room was quiet and so she began. 


Within about 5 seconds, the quiet room

became a silent room,

I remember the whirr of the ceiling fan, 

it was that silent.


It was incredible,

the entire room of 150 or so people

just seemed to be taken on a phenomenal journey, 

a 5 minute roller coaster of emotion, 

of love, loss, hurt, joy and beauty."

- Niel Anderton -
Music Gofer

She had never performed in Spain or released an album yet. But the little material available showed that she had something...

Warmth, quality, subtlety, beautiful songs, that caress you and caress you. And they move you to places full of beauty, happiness and melancholy. Yes, it looked like Camilla Sky would fit perfectly at Singin' in the Cave, and she did.


And how we enjoyed it...

- Raúl Rubio -

Singin' in the Cave

(translated from Spanish)

Singin' in the Cave (2019)

Coves de Sant Josep

La Vall d'Uixó, Castellón, Spain


"This is the video summary of the performance of the Norwegian singer songwriter Camilla Sky in the third concert of the 2019 edition of Singin' in the Cave.


It includes the song 'Let us part', one of the amazing songs that she played from the boat, without amplified sound.


A fantastic voice, with an ideal tone and colour for this place, and an absolute sensitivity in her songs. Goosebumps. It was her first concert in Spain and surely will not be the last one."


The Killing Moon

by Echo and The Bunnymen