Session - and function musician,

topliner, composer and collaborator.

Here you can find more information about my work and experience in these fields, as well as portfolio material, background/education and relevant experience.



Working with bands and artists of contrasting genres in recording studios and live environments is something I find very rewarding. I appreciate how every project or group has its own character and vision and being part of realizing their potential is a humbling and exciting process.


I come to every session with an open mind, prepared to be versatile in my own role to support the project, arrangement/production and/or the people I'm working with. Whether that means following specific and detailed directions efficiently, having personal creative responsibility, functioning as a musical director or supporting other musicians. 

The most essential aspects of session work for me are contributing to a relaxed and productive work environment and delivering high performance quality.


Folk, pop, rock, soul, jazz and americana;

in no particular order.

This playlist (click on icon to the right)

will be updated on an ongoing basis and

currently holds over 60 released tracks I've contributed to as a session vocalist.



I've been very fortunate to have taken part in a large variety of function projects over the years and it's still something I really enjoy being involved with alongside my original music activities.


From performing and touring internationally with the house band of  Liverpool's famous The Cavern Club to singing for big bands, symphonic wind orchestras, contemporary jazz - and world music ensembles, performing alone or in groups on TV and doing corporate events; function work has taken me places and given me experiences I wouldn't want to be without.

I've performed at weddings, funerals and corporate events since I was a teenager and find that working within different creative cultures and environments enhances a valuable versatility that really can come in handy for any kind of project.


Dave Fidler - UK tour 2019

Backing vocals and solo support sets for Songs from Aurora album release tour

Manchester, Liverpool, London, Bath, Salford, Cricklade. Live venues and radio shows.

Juan Zelada - UK and Spain tour 2018

Backing vocals and duets on LIPA Spain tours

Liverpool, Manchester (UK), Madrid, Galileo, Gijón, Bilbao, Zaragoza (ES).

Live venues and radio shows.

Grace Kim - UK tour 2017-18

Backing vocals  

Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield

History of The Cavern Show - UK and Scandinavia 2016

Lead and backing vocals, The Cavern Club Liverpool's 60 year anniversary international house band

Liverpool, Göteborg (Sweden) 

Mads Belden and Kristiansund Salvation Army - Norway tour 2007

Lead vocals and duets, traveling with a house band and children's choir 

Kristiansund, Sykkylven, Ålesund, Averøy, Molde




Composition and production

Live music performances within dance shows

Music improvisation with improvising dancers

Untold Story 2019

Choreographed by Alice Wells and Skye Fletcher

Performed by Alice Wells (lead), Skye Fletcher, Pooja Naik, Lizzy Drew, Holly Plumpley, Hannah Rayfield, Mikaella Neophytou, andDaniella Paschali.

Filmed and edited by John Hipkiss (COMING SOON). Picture by Camilla Sky.


Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) Dance Hall 

My role:

Compose, produce, record and perform the soundtrack, created in close collaboration with choreographers, in equal response to each other.

The "untold story" is the concept of everyone having a story to them, something they've experienced or something that's shaped them, and how it influences identity, mental health, relationships and social culture.

Til Ungdommen (Nordahl Grieg) 2018

Choreographed by Emilie Valentiner

Performed by Hedda Hjaltadottir, Julie Reinan and Roe Dahler


The Paul McCartney Auditorium at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)

in the event of their annual choreography competition.

My role:

Commissioned to compose, perform and produce an ca pella vocal piece around the Norwegian piece "Til Ungdommen" (trans. For the Youth). 

The piece is about the Norwegian right-wing terror attack in 2011, which targeted liberal youth and killed 77 people in Oslo and Utøya.

Women of Faith 2018

Choreographed by Jacqueline Shi

Performed by Skye Fletcher, Alice Wells, Tara Andrews, Anastasia Mitchell and Amy-Mae Hilton


Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), part of the big dance and acting show Red & Black, in association with theatre company Slung Low. The show included 16 separate pieces, audience interaction and digital audio effects (headphones), and is the biggest show LIPA has put on to date.

My role:

Compose a powerful melody with lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of silence, over the instrumental track Duck Shoot by Rupert Greyson-Williams from the Netflix series The Crown.


Improvisation 2018

Supervised by Lisi Perry

Performed by 2nd year LIPA dance students 

Music performance by Camilla Sky (vocals and acoustic guitar), Magnus Klausen (electric guitar), David Stobie (drums/perc) and Adam Fairclough (drum kit)


Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) Dance Hall

My role:

Leading and musically improvising a 45 minute dance class of free dance improvisation.



University of Salford, Manchester 2018/20

Masters Degree of Music Composition with distinction

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) 2015/18

Bachelors Degree of Music Performance and Creation with 1st class honors

Trøndertun Folk High School, Melhus Norway 2014/15

Equivalent to UK level 3 or a Foundation Certificate

Atlanten Music College, Kristiansund N Norway 2008/11

Equivalent to UK sixth form



The Music Place, Altrincham Manchester (2020)

Vocal coach for vocalists, 1-1 sessions, age 8-18

Salford Community Leisure (2019)

Casual arts worker for music around the Salford community, age 8-16

Stagecoach Performing Arts School, Chester (2019)

Vocal coach for groups of vocalists, age 4-18

The Rock Project, Liverpool (2019)

Vocal coach for groups of vocalists and assistant for full band jam sessions, age 4-18

Sjetne Girl's Choir, Trondheim Norway (2012-15)

Choir conductor and musical leader, age 5-16


Big bands, brass and classical ensembles, lead vocals
University of Salford's Big Band, Manchester 2018-19

Trondheim Storband/Trondheim Big Band 2015

Byåsen Musikkorps/Byåsen Brass Band 2015

Kristiansund Storband/Kristiansund Big Band 2011

University of Salford's Symphonic Wind Ensemble 2018-19

TrondheimSolistene/The Trondheim Soloists, classical sting ensemble 2015

Other ensembles, lead vocals

New Adelphi Contemporary Music Group (ACMG) 2018-19

    Collaborative composition and improvisation, permanent member, multiple shows

University of Salford's World Music Ensemble 2018-19

    Permanent member, multiple shows

Frei Children's Choir 2018

    Lead vocals for Christmas concerts

The Cavern Club History Show, house band 2018

    Resident shows at The Cavern Club and Beatle Day in Gothenburg, Sweden

Kristiansund Soul Children 2014

    Lead vocals for Christmas concerts

Kristiansund Salvation Army 2007

    Lead vocalist alongside Mads Belden, regional Christmas tour

Voice acting

Cinema commercials for Capa Kinoreklame AS (Funky Lines Studio) 2013-14

    Skoda, Volkswagen, DNTU (Den Norske Turforening Ung) 

Opera, commercial choirs and theatre

Classical choir at Cream Classics, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 2017

    Classical piece within nostalgic club music night with full live orchestra; two 3k audience concerts

Concert version of Jesus Christ Superstar in Trondheim
    With Stephen Brandt Hansen, Erik Wenberg Jacobsen and Mona Grudt

The Opera Thora, Melhus 2015

    Choir, singing and acting

Norwegian TV2 Det Store Korslaget/Battle of the choirs 2009

    Full season of rehearsals, pre-recordings and national live shows. Choir parts and lead vocals.

Scenario Theatre Group, Kristiansund 2008

    Greek chorus in Little Shop of Horrors

The play Keiserens nye klær/The emperor's new clothes, Festiviteten Kristiansund 2005

    Playing one of main characters, tailor

The play Havherre og sjøtrell, Atlanten College 2003

    Choir singing and acting, solo parts

Permanent member, multiple shows:

    Adelphi Contemporary Music Group (ACMG) 2018-19

    University of Salford's Big Band, Manchester 2018-19

    University of Salford's World Music Ensemble 2018-19

    Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) Contemporary Choir 2015-17
    Atlanten College Choir 2008-2011Kristiansund Opera Choir 2000's

    Kirkelandet Church Choir 1997-1999